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Friday, May 8, 2009

Doctor-job?money?responsibilty?empathy?or ....?

7th may 09
1117pm manipal

or what?

sumhow i do think they juz using people(patient) as an experiment!are they really gonna help others who suffer from diseases??or they juz a devil wearing a white pure angel mask?juz acting as if they care,but the thing is,they juz wanna their research on patient!what on earth are they trying to do?helping people?or killing people??

they seems to be excited when people come to them with disease,,n they really enjoying d moment-do all d investigations on him/her,,,which later make d thing worst!!

then,wat does 'a good doctor' means?
d one who really good in examine patient?
d one who get distinction in theory paper?
d one who can prescribe d best medicine to d patient?

whos d good doctor?
a really nice pure angel?or juz an black bad evil??



Az-Zariyats said...

this is not a matter of job =)
good muslims hold on fast to their amanah..
others, no difference..
so, it's a question of good muslim or not..

Anonymous said...

nice entry sarah!!
actually,i thought about dis oso..alots!
i think we need to place ourself in patient's position,then we understand how cruel the 'experiment' can be..lawat2 la blog aku yek??hehe

omio said...

@az-zariyats :ye,aku stuju part nk wat camne,doktor2 tempe kt cn agak hampeh la(for me la,i oso dunno la..huhu)

@pelitahidupvenusia: thnx pikah!!weee=P