siapakah aku?

Aku adalah seorang HAMBA dan juga seorang khalifah...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

i AM a Traveler..



huh,juz a reminder to myself

well,,we admit that we love Rasulullah
but at the same time,we never want to follow him
or juz follow a little bit only,here n there

we said we want to enter Jannah!
but yet,we still practising 'amalan neraka'

we admit,d hell fire is reallly3 hot
but yet,we do never failed to follow syaitan's order

yes,we did cry when we were told bout heaven,earth,Allah's creature,human,ocean,sky,wind,bees,horses,etc etc
but its juz for 1 minute
and the next seconds we're still in d same ''jahiliah mode''

yes,i did love dunya more that i love Jannah....T___T
yes,dunya its juz a 'rest station' for a traveler like me
its juz a worthless world
but this IS a place that u want to collect,prepare,topup 'bekal'
for the akhirat...
and yet,i keep fooling myself wif dis 'toys'

have to admit
dats somthing wrong wif d 'iman'

n to treat dis,its not a 1-day-job

Sunday, October 16, 2011

::friends:: to uwais
model:syabab n asma'

''d good friends is the one dat can remind u of Allah ...''

Am i being a good friend?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

satu cinta

awesome lyrics,awesome music!

Monday, October 10, 2011

::final run::


well,ive to admit to im getting worn off,xhausted physically and mentally
no,actually it is exhausted mentally which influencing the physical.
its kinda a long run,a marathon actually
it almost years in this field,being tortured in every seconds of life,
and yes,im not that 'A' student who know everything,memorize Davidson,Bailey and all those family,
im juz an average student(maybe below average)
picked from the bush to do this course
yes,people used to say ''to do medicine,u do not need a brilliant brain,but u hv to be hardworking..''
what if im not both of it?
then it'll bcome toughest,
isnt it?

the struggle of this phase has to come to the end,
at least for a while
but this is my final run!
wish i can cope with it,
juz a bit,,4 months to go

oh,and obviously i need a miracle from Him!definately!no others but Him
and also my parents prayer!
ive no regret at all actually as tru this,im actually learning the true Islam,not
juz the label,,=)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

::tin2 kosong::



abes jugak vid untk KCB(ketika cinta berusrah)
walaupon bnyak masalah2 teknikal yg mmg mnguji jiwa raga,
namun terhasil lah jugak vid tersebut!!yeay3!alhamdulillah

walaupon simple2 n biasa2 sahaja
namun EFFORT tuh penting!!hoho

and what i can get tonight is
'jangan jadi 'tin-tin' kosong'

maksud tersirat die adalah,,,erk,ang pk la ek!=p

dats all
p/s:tidak ingin menjadi tin2 kosong,cakap x serupa bikin,
sgt2 kene kuatakn 'core' diri sndiri yg semakin lemau aka cair aka useless skang nih!=(