siapakah aku?

Aku adalah seorang HAMBA dan juga seorang khalifah...

Monday, October 24, 2011

i AM a Traveler..



huh,juz a reminder to myself

well,,we admit that we love Rasulullah
but at the same time,we never want to follow him
or juz follow a little bit only,here n there

we said we want to enter Jannah!
but yet,we still practising 'amalan neraka'

we admit,d hell fire is reallly3 hot
but yet,we do never failed to follow syaitan's order

yes,we did cry when we were told bout heaven,earth,Allah's creature,human,ocean,sky,wind,bees,horses,etc etc
but its juz for 1 minute
and the next seconds we're still in d same ''jahiliah mode''

yes,i did love dunya more that i love Jannah....T___T
yes,dunya its juz a 'rest station' for a traveler like me
its juz a worthless world
but this IS a place that u want to collect,prepare,topup 'bekal'
for the akhirat...
and yet,i keep fooling myself wif dis 'toys'

have to admit
dats somthing wrong wif d 'iman'

n to treat dis,its not a 1-day-job

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