siapakah aku?

Aku adalah seorang HAMBA dan juga seorang khalifah...

Monday, October 10, 2011

::final run::


well,ive to admit to im getting worn off,xhausted physically and mentally
no,actually it is exhausted mentally which influencing the physical.
its kinda a long run,a marathon actually
it almost years in this field,being tortured in every seconds of life,
and yes,im not that 'A' student who know everything,memorize Davidson,Bailey and all those family,
im juz an average student(maybe below average)
picked from the bush to do this course
yes,people used to say ''to do medicine,u do not need a brilliant brain,but u hv to be hardworking..''
what if im not both of it?
then it'll bcome toughest,
isnt it?

the struggle of this phase has to come to the end,
at least for a while
but this is my final run!
wish i can cope with it,
juz a bit,,4 months to go

oh,and obviously i need a miracle from Him!definately!no others but Him
and also my parents prayer!
ive no regret at all actually as tru this,im actually learning the true Islam,not
juz the label,,=)

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