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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

human do change!


*juz think out loud from mr-brain*

yes!human do change

its juz the matter of

become better
or worst!

so its up to us

u choose

its ur pick

today yes,

maybe we can claim

we're 1000 times better than others

but next day

we wont know

what happen to us

what road do we travel

what choice do we take

what talk do we chat

bcoz our 'hati' belong to Him

and dis 'hati'

always change
(bersifat tidak tetap)


we've always have to pray



really hard

so we wont be run away

wont turn our head

our face

from our Rabb


we want to die as a


lets us become better

day by day

moment by moment

though its hard

but Allah promise us

He'll forgive aaallllll our sin

as long as we didnot syiirik to Him

we are in charge of our own behavior

until d day we meet with our Creator

O Allah,im not ur most faithful servant,
i commit sins yet i tell people not to
forgive me
and strenghtned my imaan


p/s: tawakall untk paper2 yg berlalu,smoga pemeriksa2 kertas murah hati,x nmpak kesalahan2 kami,
:mohon doa supaya dipermudahkan untk paper2 yg akan datang,,amiin
:smoga Allah redha

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