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Monday, November 21, 2011

reality check?


i dunt know why
people ,when they see good religous people
they smile and say ''owh,sejuk perut ibu mengandung,i wish i can be like her/his also''
''oh,i want a good husband who can guide me ,and bring me to jannah...etc''
''he/she is really good,,wish he/she can teach/bring/guide me to become a better person!=)''

when person/people/group/party or bla bla bla...
is literally asking them to become a better muslim
better in every single way of life,becoming a practising muslim
they refuse it in a very-1st-seconds!
and worst,they even go against them!

im not talking about a party or what
but its a norm nowadays
when actually we want to become a better person
a better abid
a better khalifah

and seriously
''what is wrong wif u??
dont u want to be in jannah?
or at least work on it?
maybe not 100% change
but just try to change 0.001%?
why we dont want?
why we dont want to change?
why we dont even have attempt to change?

'ISLAM bermula dalam keadaan asing dan akan kembali menjadi asing.Maka berbahagialah orang yang terasing' Hadis riwayat Muslim,At-Tarmizi,Ibnu Majah,At-Tabarani

p/s: im juz reflecting myself,and if comparing ourself with Rasulullah s.a.w and sahabah,how they actually were tested
we are nothing if compared with them
and we we dont follow their path,logically
means that we are taking the opposite path- taken by kuffar?T__T

O Allah,,tsabatkan aku di jalanMu
matikan aku sbagai syuhada di jalanMu..amiin

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