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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

let d Quran do d talking


yes,,d title of blog today is,..
let d Quran do d talking!
cheh,,bajet kencang je topik
padahal x tahu pon makna sebenar ayat tersebut T___T
x kesahlah pape2 pon,yg ptng nk membebel jugak kat page ini!yeargh!!=D

ok,,lets read quran
not juz recite the quran randomly without understanding any single line of it!
but try to read the translation at d same time
n understand it!

and when we read the quran n d translation,
try to imagine that He is talking to us
through His love letter
and read it wif all d passion as if d love letter were only meant for us!(yeeww keww)

ok,kinda exagerate but hey,its kind true!
hey,its Allah's word,,n all d sentence in dis book is TRUE!
it is d guideline dat Allah tells us,tru our prophet Muhammad saw
ist a manual to live according to syariatuallah
so why must we ignore it??

ok for example,we've bought a very freaking-sophisticated-inteligent-awesome-washing machine that can wash our cloth in juz 5 minutes,,but d problm is:We DONT know how to use dat machine,n we've never bother to learn how to use d machine!
n of course we'll definately end up broke d machine instead of washing our cloth!

d same thing here,our life
the guidelines is in front of us
the manual is ready for us to read,understand,digest it and practice it!
but we choose not to do it in a correct way!rite?=/

yeah,its hard,especially when we know d fact,and still we juz refuse to do it,
then we're screwd!

the point is,lets recite Quran,,read it,,understand it,,extract wht He is trying to tell us,practice the guidelines,d rules,n etc
yes,its hard,but always try to do it!yosssh!

p/s:hanyalah peringatan kepada diri sndiri,
hanyalah hamba sahaya yg tidk sedar diri...


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