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Thursday, February 17, 2011

tersalah pilih ke?


32 days left?
everyone is counting d days,,time move really fast
with a never ending issues going on rite now..

everyone is like wondering
'is it d right path for me?'

'am i chosing d rite field?'

'i dunt think i'll survive my life in hospital..!'

n etc2

yes,,no doubt its depressing
but i dont want to be a depressed-medical-student
neither depressed-demotivated-doctors!

and yes,,act doctors did not earn much,,
if compare to those in bussiness,engineering,,,with those-36 hours-working hour
its still consider as....not much rite?

but sumhow,,
as an islam(not juz an Islam)
as a muslim

look at dis as a 'road to syurga'!
itsnt it interesting?=D

look dis field as ibadah,,bcoz,,we're trying to save other pepel,
although d doctor itself dont hv enuf res,,they still trying their best to help others n advce to pts 'plz hv a gud rest..'etc3..

so,,juz grab dis oppurtunity pepel!!
its Allah to whom ur working for
not to other pepel!

n ignore what other pepel think about u bcoz they not d one who can judge u
whther u r going to JAnnah or HEll!

huh,,dunnoe wat am i mumbling about,,
hope can get d point =p

p/s: need to REFRESH iman and motivation to study!!
O ALLAH O D FORGIVER,,plz forgive my sin,,,
O ALLAH please ease it for us,,

O ALlAH berkatilah masa dan ilmuku..

~~hoping for miracle..~~


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likeee! ^_^