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Sunday, November 7, 2010

macam2 la..

huh,lately nih bnyak sungguh org yg share notes kat fb,,pasl 'rules to date my daughter',rules to love sumone,rules itu la,inilah,etc2
tp basicly
its all about making d wrong things look good/hiding-d-real-facts/hah?!

yes,,im not a very gud person either,
its juz dat dis stupid things will keep spreading to everyone,,n
i dunno whther its a gud thing or not!
it seems like sumthing is wrong sumwhere but i cant realy figure it out,,

as if 'menegakkan benang yg basah' thingy?
how can it be possible??
'menghalalkan yg haram'
its look smple,,when we were asked,,confidently we nodded our head,,as if we really understand d real meaning of it,but d thing is,,we're NOT!!!
we keep doing d wrong things in a correct way,,so dat it looks like it is sin-free!(wujud ke word nih?tibai je lah!=p)
its it?
we didnt try to ask ourself,,
'is dis correct?'
'is dis wat our prophet will do?'
'is ALLAh redha wif us?'

[huh,,cakp pandai a,,tapi,,,xmo bikin x gune gak...kan?bajet bagus plak tuh!]
well,its juz a reminder for me n others,,im juz a human being,,yg sgt le pelupa,,,T_T
n capt futur jugak!T_____T

hurm2,,,prinsip2 dunia yg terlalu 'cantik'.....kan?


p/s:teringat status kak S kat fb,,,''walk the talk''...hurm3,,,

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